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Equine Rubber

The Astute Horseperson's choice.

Here are four great reasons to consider rubber for your stall floors

1. Economical : minimal bedding and shavings needed.

2. Less work: minimal time spent mucking out.

3. Hygienic: no seepage leaks or smell, easy to mop down

4. Save on vet bills: gentle support to sensitive legs and feet.

Here are four even better reasons to use The Horse Shed Shop's Equine Rubber

1. We have the best stall flooring on the market. Our matting will out perform and out last any product on the market.

2. We have extremely competitive prices.

3. We have the best warranty, up to 15 years against manufactures defects.

4. We are horse people and we use our products.

The Horse Shed Shop has sourced the most comprehensive range of equine rubber products from around the world. From Stable Flooring, Float and Truck flooring, Tailgate Ramp mats to Walker matting, we have simply the best solution for your horses' safety and comfort. With quality second to none, our purpose made matting is both durable and cost effective.

 The Horse Shed Shop's unique Jumbo Stall Mats are the Premium stall mat on the market as they offer gentle shock absorbtion and insulation  without being too spongy and unstable underfoot. We believe that the purpose of stall matting should be to take the sting out of the stall floor while still providing firm and secure footing for your horse. Matting should be firm enough to replicate the natural environment that horses experience outdoors. The insulating properties of Jumbo stall mats means that horses are quite comfortable lying directly on the flooring. No bedding is needed but about an inch is great for soaking up urine and coating manure.

Jumbo Stall Mats offer all the advantages of multi-piece rubber stall flooring with the added benefit of being a one piece mat that prevents seepage through the joints. This makes the stalls easier to clean, and keep clean, and greatly reduces residual odours.

With the ability to supply custom made, one piece stall mats up to 4.2m wide , this product stands apart from others in the market. Standard sizes available are 3.6m x 3.6m, 4.0m x 4.0m, 4.2m x4.2m.

The Horse Shed Shop's range of float and truck matting and tailgate mats ensure your horse has a safe, stress free ride and reaches its destination in top condition, ready to perform at its best.

Products Include


Jumbo Stall Mats: Simply the best stable mats available, stock sizes of 3.6m x 3.6m & 4m x 4m, 17mm thick with non-slip Hammer top surface and a Micro-Rib underside. 100% waterproof surface. Custom made mats up to 4.2m wide by length as required. Starting at $1386 for the 3.6m x 3.6m mat, all mats come with a galvanised door strip.

Puzzle Mats: Made from the same material as our Jumbo Stall Mats. These mats come in 3 sizes to fit overly large or irregular shaped areas. The "jigsaw" edges interlock tightly to form an almost watertight surface. Easy to lift and move if required. Available sizes: 1.18m x 0.8m, 1.18m x1.18m, 1.78m x 1.18m. From $77

Wash Bay / Drainage Mats: Non-slip matting with drainage holes, suitable for use over concrete. Ensures a safe wet environment for horse and handler. Stock size of 1.65m x 1.11m x 15mm thick. Great value at $132

Wall Lining: For lining stalls, round-yards, floats etc. Available in 1250mm wide x 6mm thick, is inlaid with nylon mesh for added strength. In rolls up to 25m from only $55/lm.

Horse Walker Matting: Designed especially to withstand constant traffic imposed on walkers. This 15mm thick rubber has an anti-slip top surface and a glueable underside. It is inlaid with nylon mesh for added strenght and durability. This matting comes in 15m rolls 2m wide and can be cut to suit most walkers on the Australian market. Also ideal for breezeways, wash areas and any large areas that require and safe and durable surface. Available in rolls up to 15m from $93.50 per square metre

SurGrip Truck and Float Flooring: This is the best and most cost effective truck and float flooring around. Will outlast most other flooring several times over. The non-slip Hammer top surface offers great traction and comfort for your horses. Inlaid with nylon mesh for strength and durability. Reduces stretching and bubbling.  Being able to cover the whole floor area with a single mat means you’ll have no joints or fraying edges this makes floats and trucks with our flooring a breeze to clean out. Available in standard sizes of 1.6m, 2.0m and 2.4m wide and cut to length required. From less than $72 per square metre.

SurGrip Tailgate Ramp Mats: For trucks and floats, three sizes available 2.4m x 2.4m with 28mm cleats, 2.15m x 2.48m with 15mm cleats and 1.75m x 1.55m with 15mm cleats, non-slip surface and fully moulded integrated cleats (not just glued on)  make this the safest ramp system around. With hundreds of our SurGrip Ramp Mats now in use, we can boast an 100% success rate and total customer satisfaction. Starting at $220.

Paddock Tiles:  These versatile mats are great to use anywhere that is wet or muddy, such as feeding areas, tie ups, wash bays.With non slip surface and large circular cleats on the underside, they wont slip about. Paddock tiles interlock along all edges to cover whatever area you require. SIze: 750mm x 1000mm x 30mm. Easy to lift and take to events where the Equine accommodation may be hard or muddy. Keep your steed looking as beautiful as when you left home! Only $66 each.



Here’s What a Couple of Our Customers Had To Say about The Horse Shed Shop's Jumbo Stall Mats:


These mats have been tested at Eliza Park, and this is what Sue Ellis their Racing Manager has said, “After constant, every day use these mats show no sign of wear or damage.

I have found;

  • The horses happily lie on them.
  • There are no skin rubs on hocks or fetlocks from getting up & down.
  • We use only 75mm of bedding (wood shavings) on them instead of approx 200mm used on the concrete floors.
  • These boxes require less than half the time to muck out than our other stalls

I have calculated the following savings;

  • Material savings, $2.10/day per stable.
  • Labour savings, $2.50/day per stable.

As our stables are in full use all year, I project an annual saving of $1600 per stable. This, as well as being safe & durable, makes these mats an excellent alternative to any other stable flooring I have used."

Savings of this magnitude makes this matting a sound and astute business investment. In most cases our Jumbo Stall Mats will pay for themself in 6 – 9 months. This represents a far quicker payback time than any other product of its type.

- Kerrie
Eliza Park, Victoria



The Ballarat Veterinary Practice has recently installed rubber mats to all horse boxes for increased comfort of the horses during their stay in the clinic. Charles Stenberg from the “The Horse Shed Shop” supplied and fitted the rubber mats. The Practice had previously installed different types of rubber in 2 boxes for laminitic horses, but the cost was prohibitive to do all boxes in the clinic.

The rubber mats Charles has sourced for us are the cost effective solution we have been looking for. The installation of the rubber mats has reduced the bedding necessary to keep patients comfortable. In the mare-foal boxes the flooring also helps keep foals warm when lying down, as well as providing a non slip surface for foals trying to get up when still unsteady on their legs.

The mats come as a single sheet to fit the individual boxes, and installation is generally easy requiring no glue. Due to the design of our boxes, Charles has also fitted strips of galvanized iron across the entrance to avoid horses tripping when going into the boxes while under sedation. We are very happy with the finished product and would recommend the “The Horseshed Shop” rubber flooring for any type of horse stabling or horses walk ways.

Dr Ian C Fulton BVSc, MS, MACVS (Equine Surgery)
Ballarat Veterinary Practice
1410 Sturt Street
Ballarat, VIC, 3350

*Warranty is on a pro-rata basis.